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Pineapple Gum Syrup

what is

Gum syrup, or gomme syrup, is a rich simple syrup made with 2:1 sugar and water and combined with gum Arabic, a natural resin that comes from Acacia trees. When used in cocktails, gum syrup acts as an emulsifier that uniformly blends the drink's ingredients, brightens flavors, and adds a silkier mouthfeel.

Gum Syrup

of making gum syrup


Gum syrup can be made on the stovetop or with an immersion circulator, also known as the sous vide method. The latter is our preferred way of making pineapple gum syrup because it results in better texture and flavor.

you'll need these

Pineapple Juice Unbleached Cane Sugar Gum Arabic Powder Citric Acid Immersion Circulator* Large Pot Blender Sealable Plastic Bags* Clips Large Bowl Fine Mesh Strainer* Reusable Pouches*

Ingredients & Tools

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1. Fill a large pot with water, place immersion circulator inside, and set to 145°F. 2. Add sugar, gum Arabic powder, and citric acid to a blender and blend on medium until thoroughly mixed. 3. With the blender still running on medium, slowly add pineapple juice and continue blending for about 2 minutes.


follow these

4. Pour mixture into a sealable heatproof plastic bag, then remove as much air as possible before sealing. 5. Once pot of water has preheated, place sealed bag in water while leaving the top exposed to air and clip bag to the side of the pot, then let cook for 2 hours.


follow these

6. Once fully cooked, place bag into an ice bath to shock the solution, then remove from bowl of ice and let cool. 7. Strain syrup through a fine mesh filter and transfer into container(s).


how to store this


When we make pineapple gum syrup, we store some in a small squeeze bottle in the refrigerator to use right away and the rest in small pouches to keep in the freezer. This syrup should stay fresh for 1-2 weeks in the refrigerator and 3-6 months in the freezer.

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