Meet Your Bartenders

Salut! We’re Alex and Kendall of Sips From Scripts, a mixology blog that first started on Instagram in 2020 where we’d chronicle cocktail recipes we found in books.

In late 2021, we created this website and have since expanded our content to include sharing our own original cocktail and syrup recipes, publishing book reviews, and offering tips for home bartending to fellow imbibers.

How It Started

One night in July 2020 when we were sipping cocktails after dinner, Alex mentioned how much he enjoyed following bartenders on Instagram to Kendall and brought up the idea of us sharing photos of cocktails someday too. A few days later, Kendall asked Alex, “So if we started that cocktail Instagram account, what would our name be?” By the end of the day, we had an Instagram handle, a direction for our account, and photos taken of our first post, the Vesper Martini

We created the Sips From Scripts Instagram account on a whim in mid-2020 as a fun way to combine Alex’s passion for bartending and Kendall’s skills in photography.

From there, our new hobby took on a life of its own. Within a few weeks, we’d planned out an entire calendar of cocktails to try, and before we knew it, it was our favorite way to pass the time together outside of our day jobs. We’ve since developed a collection of our own original cocktail recipes, grown our Instagram account to a few thousand followers, had our posts shared by numerous accounts, and partnered with several brands. On top of that, we’ve connected with new friends who run their own inspiring cocktail Instagram accounts, and we’ve learned a lot more about the craft of bartending. We’re very grateful to have this creative outlet and a new community with which to share it, and we hope you find it as inspiring as we do!

What To Expect

Our main focus is to introduce ourselves and our audience to new cocktails each week, many of which are from books and movies (hence the name “Sips From Scripts”) with some originals weaved in, that have all been beautifully photographed. We also hope to share methods, cool ingredients, and tools we find, tours of bars, distilleries, and wineries we visit, and other bartending topics to help others make cocktails at home.

Alex’s approach when creating our original recipes is to come up with cocktails that are respectable and accessible to everyone. Instead of using obscure ingredients that’ll end up collecting dust on your shelf after one use, he tends to gravitate toward creating simpler cocktails that are made with ingredients you can buy at your local store, so you’ll find a lot of those here. He also aims to dream up recipes that are easy enough to make at home or be requested at your favorite local bar.

Kendall’s approach to photographing our cocktails is to take colorful shots that make you want to try the recipe. For consistency, she shoots all of them from the same front angle, almost as if they’re “headshots” of the cocktails, and she styles them all differently based on whatever inspires her most about them (the name, the history, an ingredient, etc).

About Our Palates

About Alex

Alex is the home bartender of Sips From Scripts. When he’s not working at his day job in finance, he makes all of our drinks, works on our original recipes, researches and buys new ingredients, manages our relationships with brands, and does most of our copywriting. Thanks to years of enjoying bartending as a hobby, working as a bartender at a winery, and being part of the online cocktail community, he now has a fairly developed palate and prefers drier, more bitter beverages.

About Kendall

Kendall is the photographer, stylist, and web designer of Sips From Scripts. She started her career as a wedding photographer over a decade ago but retired after meeting Alex and moving to Wisconsin from North Carolina to be with him in 2015. Since then, she’s transitioned into marketing and now holds a position in the grocery industry. Before starting this adventure, she had very little experience in the cocktail world outside of occasionally enjoying a drink at home or out with friends, so she gravitates toward sweeter, fruitier cocktails.

About Our Rating System

To help you decide whether or not you want to try a cocktail recipe we share, we include star ratings and tasting notes with every post that denote how well we liked the taste of the recipe and whether we’d make it again.

Five Stars: We loved the cocktail and will be adding it to our rotation at our home bar.

Four Stars: We really liked the cocktail and are very likely to make it again.

Three Stars: We liked the cocktail and might make it again.

Two Stars: We respected the cocktail but probably will not make it again.

One Star: We didn’t like the cocktail and will not make it again.

Our Favorite Cocktails

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Kendall’s Top-Rated Recipes
My Only Hope Princess Leia Star Wars Cocktail Recipe
My Only Hope
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Spring Gin Mule
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